Example Finishes





All the finishes offered on our products are sub contracted out to experts in their fields.  We have worked closely for many years with our finishers; they understand our products and the need for consistent, top quality coatings, ensuring a long life in many different environments.

Hot Dipped Galvanize

Mainly for external applications.Whilst not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the alternatives, well-documented years of experience have proved the benefits of hot dip galvanized protection. At least 10-20 years are commonplace in industrial and marine environments and more than 25 years (frequently much more) in rural atmospheres.

Zinc Plate + Clear or Yellow Passivate

Suitable for both internal and external applications, Zinc plating is the process of choice for a cost-effective finish with excellent appearance.  Processes available to suit all environments.

Polyethylene Coated

Smooth continuous coating,  long service life, good corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance,  good edge (metal) coverage and  excellent UV and weather resistance. Black is the standard colour offered. Oher colours available dependent on quantity.  Coating thickness (0.3mm up to 1.00mm).

Electrostatic Powders

Electrostatic powder coatings give an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish. Powders have differing properties to suit all applications. Polyester powder coating is best suited for internal use.  Nylon (PPA) coating offers improved performance for external use as well as oil, solvent and general chemical resistance.